Yu Hsuan Cheng started his chocolate journey at the age of nineteen. Fascinated by his first taste of French gourmet chocolate, Yu changed his path from majoring in Literature to becoming a chocolatier. After years of self-training, Yu attended L’ecole Ferrandi Paris for further education in the arts of French pastry, later interning at 3-Michelin-starred restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen and chocolaterie Jacques Génin.

        In 2015, Yu founded his own chocolate brand YU CHOCOLATIER. Throughout the years, the brand has built a solid reputation for its artisanal approach and unique characteristic in the world of chocolate, receiving great reviews from Salon du Chocolat Paris 2017-2019, France, as well as Amour du Chocolat 2021, Japan.  

           Inspirations of chef Yu derive from the orient and occident alike. He constantly explores the frontier of chocolate, 

and shapes the identity of Taiwanese chocolate through his steady efforts in everyday practice.