Yu Hsuan Cheng started his chocolate journey at the age of nineteen. Fascinated by his first taste of French gourmet chocolate, Yu changed his path from majoring in Literature to becoming a chocolatier. After years of self-training, Yu attended L’ecole Ferrandi Paris for further education in the arts of French pastry, later interning at 3-Michelin-starred restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen and chocolaterie Jacques Génin. In 2015, Yu founded YU CHOCOLATIER, receiving great attention from Japan, Hong-Kong, and also at the 2016 London Chocolate Show.

◊ 2016 2017 Winning seven awards at the International Chocolate Awards

◊ 2016 Selected by Louis Vuitton City Guide Taipei

◊ 2016 Awarded Craftsman of the Year by Shopping Design Awards